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1/32 Trumpeter F-8J Crusader 02273

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SKU: TRP2273

Product introduction:
The F-8 Crusader was one of the first true supersonic carrier-based fighter aircraft to be developed. In 1952, the US Navy was modernizing its carrier fighter force. From all the proposals, the new F-8 Crusader stood out and won the competition, it's maiden flight taking place on March 25th 1955. The design of the F-8 was unique in that the pitch of the entire wing could be adjusted in flight (up to +7°) to allow for a proper angle of approach at low speeds. This was necessary for carrier landings,

The Crusader had a very impressive combat record with the Navy and Marine Corps in Vietnam, and was nicknamed "the Mig killer" because of its numerous victories over these jets. In fact, the F-8 shot down 14 Mig-17s and 4 Mig-21s during the Vietnam war. The F-8J was the last upgrade of the F-8.The F-8J had a larger horizontal It received a system of flaps, which efficiently reduced the approach speed for carrier landings and the installation of the double-droop fullspan leading edge.

Item No 02273
Item Name F-8J Crusader
Bar Code 9580208022734
Scale 1:32
Item Type Static Aircraft
Model Brief Length: 524.6mm Wingspan: 344.6mm
Total Parts 350pcs
Metal Parts n/a
Photo Etched Parts 1pcs
Film Parts n/a
Resin Parts n/a
Total Sprues 12 sprues plus clear canopy

Paint Schemes " Mkgs for 2 a/c:
1) VF-24 USS Hancock 1974.
2) VF-194 USS Oriskany 1976."

Released Date 2009-05

More Features

-Left and right fuselage moulded w/ authentic details

-Finely detailed "J57" turbojet engine .
-Finely detailed engine