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1/72 M-117 (750-pound) General Purpose Aircraft Bomb(s) (Set of 4)

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3D Print Product Info

  1. Item(s) is/are LCD-based SLA printed using UV cured resin and will be shipped unpainted and with 3D print supports attached.
  2. All items receive a 20 min wash cycle with 2 ten-minute sonic wash cycles followed by a 2-to-8-minute cure. 
  3. Item can be primed with acrylic, lacquer or enamel type paint. Lightly sand and/or prime any horizontal striations due to the printing process.
  4. Remove supports starting from the tip down and start by freeing those supports connected to small and fragile details.
  5. Recommend using CA for attaching item to model or filling any imperfections.
  6. Item(s) will have features that are brittle or extremely delicate and prone to breaking if not properly handled.
  7. 3D print support configurations may be different than the ones in the photos if applicable.
  8. Photos may include the CAD rendered file used for printing to highlight details that do not stand out well in regular photos.
  9. Not intended for small children due to choking hazard and should only be purchased by experienced modelers due fine details and printer support removal.
  10. The number of items in your order is calculated by multiplying the quantity you selected by the number of items per set if applicable.
  11. The small holes on the print are necessary to drain the hollow parts of the item of leftover resin.  Fill hole with CA and sand. 

The M117 is an air-dropped demolition bomb used by United States military forces. The weapon dates back to the Korean War of the early 1950s. Although it has a nominal weight of 750 pounds (340 kg) its actual weight, depending on fuse and retardation options, can be around 820 pounds (372 kg). The bomb's explosive content is typically 386 pounds (175 kg) of Tritonal or 377 pounds (171 kg) of Minol in the case of the M117A1E2 due to their higher density and detonation velocity compared to TNT. Demolition bombs rely on time delayed fuses which allow the bomb to burrow into a building or other structure before detonating. The M117 can be configured with a conical low-drag tail for medium and high-altitude deliveries or a high-drag tail fin for low-altitude drops, delaying the bombs hitting their targets ensuring fighters are out of the blast zone before detonation.  The M117 was the basis for the BOLT-117, the world's first Laser-guided bomb.  M117 bomb - Wikipedia