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1/32 Trumpeter A-1J AD-7 Skyraider 02254

$80.99 $102.95
SKU: TRP2254

The Douglas A-1 Skyradier were designed as the new generation torpedo/bomber. Following the plan were changed for the end of the war, the Navy apply the Skyradier as a new attacker for the outstanding performance in the strike missions. The A-1J is the final production version of the Skyradier family. They were powered by a new R-3350-26WB engine and with structural improvements to increase wing fatigue life, some extra antennas were added on the fuselage.72 aircrafts were built.

Item No 02254
Item Name A-1J AD-7 Skyraider
Bar Code 9580208022543
Scale 1:32
Item Type Static Kit
Model Brief Length:369mm Wingspan:476.9 mm
Total Parts 600+
Metal Parts n/a
Photo Etched Parts 1 piece
Film Parts n/a
Resin Parts n/a
Total Sprues 19 sprues and tires
Released Date 2014-05

More Features "Fuselage
-Left and right fuselage molded w/ authentic details

-Finely detailed engine.

-Finely detailed gear cabin
-Finely detailed cockpit

- Newly tooled wings accurately represent real ones
- Optional position flaps
- plenty of external loads
- wings can be folded

-Photo-etched parts for safety belt,interior details"