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#0101 Mini Hobby and Craft Sanding Sticks

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SKU: FLX0101
Alpha hobby and craft sanding sticks are ideal for use on all of your special projects. These files are light weight multipurpose instruments. They are highly durable and reusable. All Alpha Abrasives Sanding Files are 100% waterproof which is a great advantage since they can be used for wet or dry applications. The size and design allows any hobbyist to get into tight spaces and helps sand delicate and obscure project parts and pieces.

Ideal for use on plastic, wood, and metal mediums.

With five different color coded grits, you are able to complete a project from start to finish.

Contains 3 sticks of each 100 Grit (Brown), 180 Grit (Grey), 240 Grit (Blue), 320 Grit (Yellow) and 400 Grit (Orange)

File Size 5 3/4” X 1/8”