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1/48 Minicraft T-34A Mentor 11671

$21.10 $44.99
SKU: MIN11671
  • Exterior surfaces feature scribed panel lines and subtle raised rivet details
  • Detailed cockpit tub
  • Crew seats have molded-on crew restraints
  • Left side of cockpit tub has molded-on throttle quadrants (you may wish to modify these for throttle, mixture, and pitch levers)
  • Instructions call out 1oz/28g of ballast in nose required unless displaying on stand
  • Instructions indicate a display stand is included for in-flight display though not available in this preview kit
  • The fuselage halves come out of the box as B-model, add part B3 to render the A-model
  • Wing/fuselage joint features a pair of main spars to set dihedral box in the main wheel wells, and add strength to the model
  • The lower wing has chamfered edges around the main wheel wells to display scale thickness from below
  • Canopies are molded separately and are positionable
  • Positionable landing gear
  • Choice propeller blade chords/tips
  • Choice of two or three-bladed propellers
  • Choice of spinners for two or three-bladed propellers

Markings are included for two examples:

  • YT-34, 50-0735, USAF
  • T-34A, 51-0365, JASDF