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1/48 Kinetic Super Etendard / Super Etendard Modernise

$57.70 $74.95
SKU: KIN48061
Model Features:
1. Folding Wings option
2. Full Intake Trunk
3. 2 Cockpit Panels: SuE and SEM
4. Positionable Flaps
5. Weapon includes:
i. Exocet Missile
ii. MAGIC Missile with pylon
iii. RP1 - 595L, RP23 wing tank
iv. RP24 - 600L fuselage tank
v. Damocles LGB designator
vi. IFR Pod
vii. Barracuda 2 jammer
viii. Phimat Chaff dispenser

Decal printed by Cartograf.
Decal designed by CrossDelta

Super Étendard / Super Étendard Modernisé,
1. French Naval Aviation, 1980s.
2. French Naval Aviation, mission on Afghanistan, 2008.
3. French Naval Aviation, mission on Libya, 2011.
4. Argentine Naval Aviation,1980s~.
5. Iraqi Air Force, 1983~1985.