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1/72 Hasegawa U.S. Aircraft Weapons III 35003

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SKU: HSG35003

This is set contains 1:72 scale accessories for creating dioramas with 1:72 scale aircraft models. This set is Weapons III: US Aircraft Air-to-Air Missiles. The items in this set are typical of the equipment used on modern US aircraft.

(4) AIM-9B Sidewinder - Heat Seeking Missile
(4) AIM-9D Sidewinder
(4) AIM-9E Sidewinder
(4) AIM-9J Sidewinder
(9) AIM-9L "Super" Sidewinder
(4) AIM-7E Sparrow - Radar Guided Missile
(4) AMRAAM - radar guided Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile
(4) AIM-4D Falcon - Heat Seeking Missile
(4) AIM-4G Falcon - Improved AIM-4D
(6) AIM-54 Pheonix - Used only on the F-14 Tomcat
(2) SUU-20 - Training dispenser carrying 6 25lb practice bombs & 4 rockets
(2) GPU-5/A(GEPOD-30) - 30mm gun pod carrying GAU-8 from the A-10 Warthog
(2) AIM-9 Double Launcher (Air Force Version)
(2) AIM-9 Double Launcher (Navy Version)

 Assembly is required