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Excel 12 Assorted Mini Files Set 55608

$16.99 $21.95
SKU: EXL55608
Tackle any project with the Excel Blades 12 Piece Assorted Mini File Set. Featuring a large assortment of file styles that can help you sharpen trimmer blades to saws. Let this set help you complete the next item on your to-do list. Constructed of High-Quality Steel for strength and durability. All file styles available in bulk.
  • Includes 12 Mini Files in Pouch
  • Enlarge holes or smooth curved surfaces
  • Features a 90° edge for sharpening saws and other fine tasks
  • Helps you remove material quickly
  • 2mm x 100 mm
  • These files can be used with our aluminum vise, product #70001
  • Includes a set of (2) two possible 2 square, 2 round, 2 half-round, 2 triangles, 2 equaling, 2 knife and 2 flat files.