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24-840 Kato Unitrack Turnout HO/N Control Switch [1 pc]

$9.53 $10.00
SKU: KAT24840

These simply clip on to the side of the Kato controller and you then just plug the point lead & plug into the socket at the rear (square & round pegs, so you can’t fail to get it right!) and "hey presto" you have a fully working electric point!! (No soldering, no cutting or drilling holes, no scrambling about under baseboards & no swearing when you burn your fingers or bang your head!!) They then clip together so you can make a "bank" of switches with only one power supply (as far as we know there is no limit to the number). They also have a "memory" setting so if you change the point manually next time you use the switch it will only throw point when it's in the correct position. If you are not using the Kato controller, then use a 24-842 ac-dc converter and connect this to your accessory output on your controller and then build up your bank of switches.