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800-5401 AR-2 Automatic Reversing Circuit

$63.99 $64.96
SKU: TOR5401

To provide automatic reversing of train direction on a point-to-point layout.

The Circuitron AR-2 is a sophisticated, integrated circuit design, automatic polarity reverser for use on point-to-point layouts in any scale. The AR-2 provides a 5-amp reversing capacity and also incorporates an adjustable time delay circuit that will stop a train at each reversing point for a set period of time before reversing the direction. This time delay is adjustable from 0 to over 1 minute. In addition, a terminal is provided for external activation of the time delay circuitry without reversing direction. This terminal can be connected to a panel pushbutton or to the output of one of CIRCUITRON’s detection circuits to permit stop and delays at any point. If a DT-4 Rolling Stock Detector is used in conjunction with the AR-2, up to 4 inter-mediate stopping points can be established between the reversing points. This is ideal for trolley or switching setups where you would like to have a train shuttling between end points, making various stops along the way. The AR-2 is constructed on a 3” square printed circuit board and requires a 12-18 volt AC or DC power supply for proper operation.