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800-5841 Arc Welder Circuit w/1.4mm Micro-Lamps

$22.99 $24.95
SKU: TOR5841
The CIRCUITRON Arc Welder Circuits utilize 2 lamps, one yellow and one blue, along with a circuit that provides a random flickering effect of the lamps. The result is a very
convincing representation of an arc welder in operation. The AW -1 includes 1.4 mm diameter micro-bulbs and is designed for direct viewing in all scales. A small wisp of cotton placed over the lamps will serve to diffuse the light and produce a very realistic smoke effect. The AW-2 includes 2.4 mm diameter lamps and should be used to illuminate a window f rom within a structure. If the window is frosted to represent years of grime, the flickering effect is extremely realistic. Either circuit may be used with only
the yellow lamp if only a flickering flame effect is desired (however, our FIRELITES™ circuits are more suitable for this task). The AW-1 can only power the lamps supplied with it, but the AW-2 can power up to a total of 20 lamps for large structures or use in multiple buildings. Clear lamps are also available from CIRCUITRON in our MITEY LITES™ line which may be dyed to 42 any color for other applications (amber, orange and yellow make a very convincing campfire but, again, the FIRELITES™ circuits may be more suitable). Order #7416 lamps for the AW-1 and 800-9341 for the AW-2. Replacement blue and yellow lamp sets are also available. The AW-1 and AW-2 are constructed on 2” x 3” printed circuit boards and require a 10-18 volt AC or DC input for proper operation.