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800-6100 Remote Tortoise Mount

$15.99 $18.95
SKU: TOR6100
The CIRCUITRON Remote Tortoise™ Mount consists of a molded base mechanism to which the TORTOISE™ (not included) is mounted. An adjustable lever arm is fastened onto the TORTOISE™ output and drives a stainless-steel wire inside a flexible teflon tube, much like a subminiature choke cable.  This thin wire attaches to a compact actuator mechanism and is mounted beneath the turnout. It includes a spring wire and brass tube to transmit the motion to the points above. The mounting bracket (with TORTOISE™) may be secured in
any position and up to 18” away from the turnout points—even above the layout inside a structure, if desired. The points actuating mechanism requires 1/2” clearance under the turnout sub-roadbed. The RTM is fully adjustable for all scales and brands of turnouts.