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800-8100 Remote Signal Activator

$10.99 $11.37
SKU: TOR8100
Mounting bracket and mechanism utilize the TORTOISE™ (not included) and a special drive wire cable assembly to remotely actuate any crossing gate, train order board or upper/lower quadrant semaphore signal having a vertical control wire extending below the layout. Signals of this type include ones manufactured by NJ International, Tomar and others. There are fully adjustable, precise, stops provided at both ends of travel for excellent repeatability. The total travel can be adjusted between 0.1” and 0.7” for use in all scales. Can drive 2 cables from the one mechanism, if desired, for dual crossing gate installations. 3 position Semaphore control can be achieved with the addition of the SD-2 Semaphore Driver. The RSA can also be easily adapted to act as a remote car stop on inclined trackage.