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Excel Crafting Knife & Blade Handy Man Set 44285

$24.70 $37.38
SKU: EXL44285
Excel Blades – Handy Man Set
  • Includes (1) Excel Blades K2 Medium Duty Aluminum Knife with special fitted screw for blade security and stabilization
  • Includes (1) Excel Blades K7 Carving Knife with roll resistant handle and ergonomic handle
  • Includes Excel Blades (1) of each blade - # 2/ 18/ 26/ 27/ 20101/ 20102/ 20104
  • Encased in a simple wooden case (with a clasp lock) for storage and protection.
  • Used for: wood carving, scrap booking, paper cutting, cake decorating, model making, sculpting, polymer clay and trimming leather, cardboard, foam board, linoleum and more.
  • Used by hobbyists, artists, designer, scrapbook artists and crafters.
Made in the USA