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B518 Mr. Base White 1000 Spray 180ml

$7.56 $9.75

Mr. BASE WHITE is useful for making a black, red or other dark-colored surface white. This newly developed product uses special pigments to completely hide the base color and aids application of detailed finishing and topcoats. Because it also works as a surfacer, it can be used to hide small imperfections.

Differences between B518 Mr. BASE WHITE 1000 SPRAY and B511Mr.WHITE SURFACER 1000 SPRAY
Both items are used in almost the same way, but the amount of pigments is different. B518 contains less granules but more white pigments than B511, so it is great for filling in bumps and dents and you get a whiter surface than with B511. B511 on the other hand contains more granules, so it is easier to fill in scratches with it. Its color is a bit greyisha.